Favorites in FuseDesk

FuseDesk allows you to quickly and easily find your favorite case tags, email templates, note templates, Infusionsoft tags, Infusionsoft legacy Action Sets, and more right where you need them most without having to search for or scroll to what you need. Favorites in FuseDesk can be set both at the department level as well as [...]

Do FuseDesk Reps Need to be Infusionsoft Users?

Every FuseDesk Rep on a Lite or PRO plan needs to have an Infusionsoft login, specifically an InfusionsoftID with access to your Infusionsoft application. FuseDesk Enterprise Plans can invite any rep to login to FuseDesk even if they don't have an InfusionsoftID. Logging in with an InfusionsoftID allows the emails that you reps send in FuseDesk, [...]

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FuseDesk Departments for Your Brands and Product Lines

If you have multiple product lines or brands within your business, you can setup FuseDesk Departments to keep your cases organized, your team specialized, reporting separate, and branding intact. For product lines, you might have your departments setup as Product Support, Events, and Membership. For brands, you might have a department each for ABC Widgets, [...]

What permissions do my help desk reps need in Infusionsoft?

When you add a new user to Infusionsoft so they can log into FuseDesk and handle your help desk support tickets, you'll have the option of setting User level permissions in Infusionsoft. For the most part, the user level permissions in Infusionsoft don't impact FuseDesk. Everything FuseDesk does is via the Infusionsoft API which doesn't get restricted [...]

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Can I setup individual email addresses for my team members?

By default, emails from FuseDesk come from your team members' name but your support email address, for example "Alice Smith" <[email protected]> so that in your customers' inbox, they see Alice Smith, but the reply goes back to support and into FuseDesk. This setup allows you to centralize all support emails in FuseDesk while maintaining a [...]

Kaizen and Continuous Never Ending Improvement

Join us for a short walk down Kaizen Road where we'll explore a recent journey we had in rolling out new case queue stats... One of our core values is Kaizen, the practice of Continual, Never Ending, Improvement. When we train customer support teams and managers, we often talk about the reports that matter most being [...]

Live Team Collaboration and Presence

Instantly see where your team members are in FuseDesk and what they're up to with our new live in-app presence! Wherever you are in FuseDesk, if a colleague is looking at the same page you are, you'll see their face at the top of the screen. Additionally, if you're looking at a case queue, you'll [...]