FuseDesk reps can optionally be linked to CRM reps like Infusionsoft reps. Once a FuseDesk rep is linked to a CRM rep, they’ll be able to login using their InfusionsoftID and Infusionsoft password.

Logging in with an InfusionsoftID allows the emails that your reps send in FuseDesk, the notes they add in FuseDesk, and the actions they apply to contacts in FuseDesk to all be linked back to their user account in Infusionsoft and allows for centralized user/login management in one place: Infusionsoft.

In addition to the full transparency and accountability that this allows, the linking to Infusionsoft logins also allows you to run reports like all notes by a particular rep in a specified date range.

The centralized user management also means that when you disable a rep’s Infusionsoft login, they’ll no longer be able to access FuseDesk and when a rep changes the one password for their InfusionsoftID, their login is updated for ALL of the Infusionsoft and FuseDesk logins.

Without an InfusionsoftID for each rep, Infusionsoft would have notes, emails, automation, and more unlinked to actual users and you and your users would be juggling multiple logins and permissions on multiple systems.

Your Infusionsoft admin can help you to add additional seats to your Infusionsoft application.