How do I edit support reps?

To edit support reps, visit the Support Reps page, and click on a rep to edit their profile Note that you’ll need to be an Infusionsoft or FuseDesk admin in order to view or edit support reps. On a rep’s profile, you can easily click to edit their profile in Infusionsoft, including their email address [...]

Managing Your Support Rep Logins

If you’d like to see which reps have logged in, which reps have been deactivated, or invite a rep to log into FuseDesk, visit your Support Reps page. On this page you may see three groups of users. The Active Users up top shows you all users who have active FuseDesk accounts and when they last [...]

Are Notes Visible to Customers?

When you add a note in FuseDesk, either a phone call note or a “note” note, it becomes part of the case history and is also stored in the Contact’s notes in Infusionsoft. At no time are your notes visible to the customer, though. They are for internal use only. When might you add a [...]