To edit support reps, visit the Support Reps page, and click on a rep to edit their profile

Note that you’ll need to be an Infusionsoft or FuseDesk admin in order to view or edit support reps.

On a rep’s profile, you can easily click to edit their profile in Infusionsoft, including their email address and name.

Next, you can edit which departments a rep is part of. Any departments that you’ve set to “All Reps” will automatically be checked.

When a rep “takes” a case from Unassigned, you can choose where that case goes by default. The rep can also change this option when editing their own preferences.

Lastly, you can edit a reps permissions.

Specifically, you can enable or disable their login. Note that disabling a rep in Infusionsoft will prevent them from logging in to FuseDesk automatically, but disabling them in FuseDesk will remove their name from the departments list and the sidebar.

If you’d like to restrict which cases a rep can view, select All to allow them to view all cases (the default option), Own to restrict their view to only their own cases (this is the most restrictive) or Department to allow them to work with cases in any department they’re assigned to.

To learn more about support rep permissions (available in Pro and Enterprise accounts), read our post on Rep Permissions.