You can easily restrict which cases a rep can work with by editing their permissions.

Note that this is available on Pro and Enterprise accounts only.

From your preferences page, click on Support Reps to view a list of your reps in FuseDesk.

Next, click on a rep’s name to edit their profile.

Scroll down to the Permissions section on a rep’s profile and change their Case View preference.

Why might you want to restrict a rep’s permissions?

If you have a multi-person sales team and want to allow your reps to only handle their own cases, you can restrict their permissions to only cases assigned to them.

If you have multiple product lines that you’re supporting out of one Infusionsoft application, you can setup dedicated departments in FuseDesk for various product lines that not only have their own branded email reply templates, but also have dedicated reps who can only view cases assigned to departments they’re assigned to.

These are just some examples of why you might want to set permissions on a per-rep basis.