For security reasons, some pages in FuseDesk require you to be an Administrator.

If a rep is an admin in Infusionsoft, they’ll automatically be an admin in FuseDesk, too. You can also manually set a rep as a FuseDesk admin from the Support Reps page.

To make someone an Admin in Infusionsoft:

  1. Log into Infusionsoft
  2. Click on Users under Admin on the main navigation
  3. Select a User from the list
  4. Click on the User Groups tab of their profile
  5. Select the Admin group from the drop down and click Add
  6. Click Save

Have your rep try and access the page in FuseDesk again and now that they’re an Admin, they’ll now be able to do so!

If you are unable to access the user list in Infusionsoft, make user group changes, or edit a user, then you are not an Infusionsoft Admin and will need to ask the person who setup your Infusionsoft account to first make you an admin.