If you’re logging into FuseDesk directly and not authenticating with your CRM (like Infusionsoft), click on the Reset My Password link on the FuseDesk Login form to get a password reset link sent to you via email.

Simply click the link in the password reset email and create a new password to login!

You can also reset your own passed from My Preferences in FuseDesk by clicking on your name on the navigation bar. At the bottom there’s a password reset button that will send you your password reset email.

As a FuseDesk admin, you can also send a password reset email to any of your team members by heading to Support Reps under Settings, clicking into a rep, and clicking the Reset Password button at the bottom.

Resetting Your FuseDesk password if your Email Address Changed

If your email address changed and you can no longer receive a password reset email, have your FuseDesk admin update your email address first by heading to Support Reps under Settings and clicking into your profile and changing your email address.

Then they can click Reset Password at the bottom to send you a password reset email to your updated email address.

Resetting Your Infusionsoft Password

If you’re logging into FuseDesk with your InfusionsoftID and Infusionsoft password, you can Reset Your Password in Infusionsoft.