To configure your departments, click on Preferences on the left hand side and then Departments.

Note: You must be an admin to modify your department settings.

If you have multiple departments, you’ll be able to choose the default department for new reps up top.

Next, you’ll see a list of your departments and who is in each department.

Click on a department name to edit it’s settings.

Support Reps

Choose which reps you’d like in your department.

If you choose ALL Current and Future Reps, all reps will be included.

Otherwise, select each individual rep you’d like in the department.


Each department can have a default template category as well as a default reply template.

The default template category can help you organize your templates and provide your reps with faster access to department specific templates.

The default template is what we’ll load by default when you reply to a case by email. If you don’t have a default template set, click on New to create a new template.

Once your template has been setup, click on Edit to easily edit it again in the future.

You can additionally choose your default note template for new cases in the department and existing cases.

Color Coding

In FuseDesk, we color code your cases based on how “stale” they are, i.e. how long it’s been since a case was last updated.

You can adjust when you want a case to go from green to yellow to red for each department.

Ratings and Feedback

FuseDesk can automatically follow up with your customers after you close their case and ask them for feedback.

The Feedback Delay determines how long after a case is closed you’d like us to ask for feedback. By default this is turned off and we don’t ask for feedback. To enable feedback, simply select a delay.

Instead of asking for feedback on every case, you can select a Sample Set so we only ask for feedback on some cases. This helps to give you a representative view of how well your team is doing without sending every customer an email for every case they open.

The Feedback Frequency determines how long we wait before asking a customer for feedback again. This way, if a customer has multiple cases open with you, you can avoid asking them for feedback on every single case.

In order for us to request feedback, we need a default Feedback Template. Click on the New button to create your feedback template and after you’ve created your first template, click on Edit to edit it again in the future.

Typically your feedback email should be sent from the business owner, director of support, department head or manager.

All changes to your departments are Saved immediately. Click Back when you’re done editing your department.

Email Footer

To add an email footer to all emails sent from this department click on Add Footer.

If you already have a footer set, simply click on Edit Footer.

Renaming a Department

To change the name of a department, click on Rename Department and enter a new department name.

Archived Departments

If you’re no longer using a department or want to free up seats in your app, click the Archive button while editing a department. This will remove the department from the active departments list and free up a seat.

Any cases currently assigned to an archived department will remain visible and usable and you’ll still be able to access past cases assigned to the department. You just won’t be able to assign any new cases to the department and the queue will disappear once all active cases have been handled.

At a later date, if you wish to restore an archived department back to an active department, simply click Restore next to the department name under Archived Departments and it’ll return to active status.