To change the name of a department in FuseDesk, head to Departments under Settings and click the name of the department you want to rename.

At the bottom of the department editor is a Rename Department button.

Click Rename Department and enter a new department name to change the name of your department.

Renaming vs. Creating a New Department

Renaming a department affects all past cases in a department, too. This impacts the accuracy of your reports and stats.

Renaming is good for simple renames like from “Support” to “Tech Desk” or “Sales” to “Prospecting” or something along those lines where it’s really just the name of the department – not the purpose – that’s changing.

If you’re changing the purpose of your department, i.e. from “Support” to “Sales”, then you’d be much better off archiving your current department and creating a new department. This way, all the past cases in the department stay assigned to the previous department and not the new one. In addition, all of your reporting will accurately reflect the correct departments.