Can I setup individual email addresses for my team members?

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By default, emails from FuseDesk come from your team members’ name but your support email address, for example "Alice Smith" <> so that in your customers’ inbox, they see Alice Smith, but the reply goes back to support and into FuseDesk.

This setup allows you to centralize all support emails in FuseDesk while maintaining a bit of personality in the email replies.

If you’d prefer, instead of using an email address like, you can use actual names like,, etc… and have those all feed back into FuseDesk.

In your template, instead of, change the email address to and the email will come from your team members’ names at your domain name, like

Assure that you setup email forwarding for your domain so that emails to these new rep addresses also forward into FuseDesk.

A big word of caution: this should not be used for any non sales/support related emails, i.e. these should not be the email addresses that your team uses to log into Infusionsoft/FuseDesk, these email addresses shouldn’t be on any mailing lists, and these aren’t the email addresses that you should use to communicate with your team internally; these email addresses should be strictly used solely for sales/support. Each team member will still need a non-customer facing email address to log into Infusionsoft/FuseDesk.

This setup works great in coaching businesses or sales organizations where all correspondences from certain team members are customer facing.

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