FuseDesk now supports more Bulk Actions than ever before when working with your help desk cases and support tickets.

In addition to bulk changing case status, snoozing cases, and reassigning cases, you can now bulk Email Reply, run Infusionsoft Automation, apply Infusionsoft Tags, and bulk apply FuseDesk Case Tags – all right from your case queues!

When viewing a case queue, click on the More… button in the top right and choose what you’d like to do with your cases.

To Bulk Reply to a case, select Bulk Reply and we’ll load the best default reply template for your cases. From here you can either select another template to reply with, or edit the email you see and send the email on out. We’ll automagically send your email reply back out on all selected cases through Infusionsoft!

To run Infusionsoft Automation, click on Run Automation and then select what Infusionsoft Tag you’d like to apply to the linked contacts on your selected cases or select an Infusionsoft Action Set to run and click Apply. Applying a tag to all the contacts on your selected cases is a great way to kick off automation in Campaign Builder for the select contacts!

To apply FuseDesk Case Tags to the selected cases, choose Apply Case Tag and then select all the FuseDesk Case Tags you’d like to apply to the cases. You can select multiple tags and even create new tags on the fly. Click Apply and we’ll tag all of your cases with the selected case tags. This is a great way to keep your cases organized and find related cases on the same topics.