email automation infusionsoft support ticketingIn case you missed the big announcement and preview on our Mastermind Call the other week, Email Rules and Automation are here at last!

Using the new FuseDesk Rules System, you’ll be able to automatically filter emails, autoreply back to inquiries, assign emails to certain reps or departments based on the content, run action sets in Infusionsoft and so much more.

This has been a much sought after feature that takes care of a number of different feature requests.

Where might you use rules and automation?

Perhaps you want to tag all contacts in Infusionsoft who email in with a certain keyword in an email.

Maybe you want to auto reply back to any inquiry about logging in with the username and password currently on file.

Perhaps you want to take all emails sent to your vip@ email address and have them auto-assign to a rep in the VIP department.

Maybe you want to auto-assign all inbound support emails to different reps in a certain department.

You might want to ignore all emails from a certain address so they don’t go to Unassigned.

A promo you run could tell folks “email us with the subject line of MONDAY SPECIAL and we’ll send back a special link to use for the sale.”

And the list goes on!

You can also read more about how to use the new rules and automation system.

How do YOU plan to use the new Rules and Automation?