infusionsoft helpdesk ratings feedbackEver wanted to find out how well you and your team are doing from your customers point of view?

Now you can!

Your customers can rate the level of customer support they receive with 1-5 stars and even leave feedback via our newly released Ratings and Feedback system.

Hop into our newly updated Department editor under Preferences in your app and turn on feedback for an individual department and then create your feedback template.

Enable feedback on a department by changing the Feedback Delay from “Never Ask for Feedback” to how long after a case is closed you’d like FuseDesk to automatically send an email.

Next, select the sample set, i.e. how likely a given case is to get a follow up requesting feedback. By default, we set this at 20% so 1 in 5 cases will be sent a feedback email, but you can dial this up or down as needed.

Lastly, click on New next to the feedback template box to create a feedback template. You’re welcome to use our default feedback template, edit our template or even use our automated feedback system with your own external survey link!

Working on a case and want to not ask for feedback? No problem! Simply click on the Don’t Ask button while viewing a case. Want to get feedback right now on a closed case? Click on the Ask Now button while viewing a closed case and we’ll immediately request feedback.

Once a rating or feedback comes in, it’ll be displayed on the case. Coming soon, we’ll show you how to pull reports on feedback and soon after that, we’ll show you how to get rating trends over time! Until then… log into your app, click on Preferences and then Departments to enable feedback and start finding out how you and the team are doing!