Not every company begins with a laser focus on customer service. Some have added a customersailing-31698_1280 service component in response to growth rather than in anticipation of it. Still others have an aggressive growth strategy that encouraged cost containment via a lack of a full-fledged service department or plan. In these and many other situations, it can be common for a company to suddenly realize that it needs to right its customer service ship in order to maintain current customers and acquire new ones. If your company is finding itself in this situation, what can you do?

Build Your Team

Firstly, ensure that you have an adequate number of people to handle your customer service caseload. If your sales team has been doing double duty as your service team, consider putting each team member to his highest and best use: people who are excellent at actively growing the business should be doing so. Those who excel at customer service should have their time dedicated to serving customers. Then hire as needed to build out the team to easily assist your customers.

Bring in Technology

Now that your team is in place, increase its efficiency via technology. Take stock of your website’s customer service information, consider which frequently asked questions should be readily answered, create form response workflows for other frequent information or help requests, ensure you have enough phone lines and that your wait times are minimal. Utilize all of the components provided by FuseDesk to streamline how your team accesses, processes, and delivers service.

Emphasize Your Values

Lastly, ensure that the new importance you are placing on customer service is not just a message projected outwards to your customers. Broadcast this as a core value inwards, to your employees, in order to build a corporate culture of service. Then train your employees so that they will reflect that focus on service to your customers.

A lack of stellar customer service can seem like a difficult hole to climb out of, but it can be fixed through a focused and concerted effort to build out a service team, acquiring the proper tools to deliver excellent service, and ingraining your service team with your new dedication to service. Your existing customers will appreciate your investment in their experiences and new customers will take note of a culture that welcomes and promises to take care of them.