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Case Study – Hello? Part 2

Last week we took a look at a case study involving Gavin and his attempt to secure new phone service. This week we'll break down the problems of the call and discuss solutions for each of them. The over eager representative Gavin’s first representative was kind and had a strong desire to be helpful. However, [...]

Your Standard for Satisfaction – Is it Working?

When you and your team are developing guidelines and parameters for solutions to customers’ needs, whose standards are you measuring by? It’s very easy to begin shaping these standards with the intention of keeping the customer happy, but it’s very easy to become distracted by other issues, like cost.  While profitability is what will keep [...]

Appointment Automation – Appointment Core

Appointment Automation can be a life saver! Scheduling appoints that fit the schedule of an employee and client can be very time consuming. Emails can be exchanged multiple times before a time can be scheduled and often that appointment slot may be taken. We now work with Appointment core, which you can now integrate appointment core with FuseDesk. [...]

MasterMind Call: May, 2014

On this month's call we covered: Mastering Inbound Email Automation; Leveraging the Power of Departments; Inbound HTML Only Emails; Forwarding Emails into FuseDesk; and Automating Appointment Scheduling. * This is available in HD. After you click play, click the gear icon at the bottom of the player and choose HD. Kick it up a notch [...]

How do I use the Template Editor?

You can create, modify, and save email templates right in FuseDesk! So, you can manage your templates without leaving FuseDesk.  Information pulls down from Infusionsoft making it a seamless and easy to use.  Moreover, merge fields and automation links can also be built in! To access: Go to Preferences. Templates, then Edit Template. Name it. [...]