Snippets in FuseDesk allow you to quickly re-use pieces of text in chats, emails, and notes.

While an Email Template or Note Template provides a complete email or note respectively, snippets are used for shorter pieces of text, for example, a commonly used URL/link, greeting, or email/chat sign off.

Creating a New Snippet

To create a snippet, head to Templates under Settings and choose Snippets.

Click the green New Snippet button and create your snippet.

You can then choose where the snippet is available under Availability by checking or unchecking Email, Note, or Chat.

Editing Snippets

From the Snippets page under Settings and Templates, you can search for a snippet to edit by using the search box up top.

From the list of returned matches, you can toggle availability by clicking the icons for Email, Note, and Chat.

To edit the text of a snippet or to delete it, click the snippet to open it in the editor.

Deleting a Snippet

To delete a snippet, click the red Delete button in the snippet editor.

Inserting Snippets

Once you’ve created some snippets, you can use them wherever you’ve set them to be available in FuseDesk.

As you type in an email, note, or chat, if you’ve used keywords matching your snippet (or the first few words of the snippet), you’ll see a scissor icon appear on the right.

Click the scissor icon or hit Control Space on your keyboard to open the menu of matching snippets.

Click the snippet you’d like or use the up/down arrows to choose and then hit Tab or Enter to insert it.

Snippets: Inserting a FuseDesk Snippet

Mousing over the matching keywords in the snippet selector will show you just snippets with that specific keyword in it and clicking the keyword will bring you to all matches so you can edit or create a new snippet for that keyword.