FuseDesk Case View Updates

Viewing Cases in FuseDesk just get a lot cleaner and easier to use!

Most everything you’re used to is in the exact same place with a few small changes and improvements.

Case Action Updates

For starters, the three main ways of corresponding with your customers and prospects are immediately accessible by clicking on either Reply for email, Note for logging an internal note or a phone call, or Chat for your chats.

Choose Reply, Note, or Chat on a Case
Choose Reply, Note, or Chat on a Case

When clicking into an email reply or note, you’ll notice a much cleaner way of accessing your formatting, merge fields, templates, additional fields and more.

By default, CC, BCC, and From are hidden. Simply click on the CC, BCC, or From buttons to show/hide each field.

Formatting Text

Next up, the formatting toolbar has moved out of the way so you can focus on your emails and notes. All the same keyboard shortcuts still work to format text like bold, italics, bullet lists and more. You can still drag and drop images, too!

If you DO need your full formatting toolbar, simply click the A icon and you’ll see all the options that you’re used to.

Attaching files works just the same as always. Drag and drop files below your email or note to attach them or click the attachments icon to select a file to attach.

Case History Updates

Below your actions is your case history like always. It’s just cleaner. And now called “Activities

Actual interactions – emails, calls, notes, and chats – are shown like you’re used to. Everything else – what we call Status Messages – like case transfers, status changes, case edits, merge/split notifications, and more – are now shown smaller and take up less space.

You can even hide Hide Status Messages so you can just focus on actual interactions. When you hide status messages, FuseDesk will remember your selection as you navigate between cases. Toggle it off to show status messages if you’d like to see what else has been happening on a case.

Toggle Status Messages next to Activity
Toggle Status Messages next to Activity

Activity Actions

Activity Menu
Activity Menu

All of the individual actions you can take an individual activity item on a case are now accessible under the triple dot menu on the right of each activity.

The menu of options varies by activity, but can include:

  • The Template used to create that note or email. Click to edit the template.
  • Print. Click to open the activity in a new window to print it or save to PDF.
  • View Chat. Click to view the full chat.
  • The “Permalink” link directly to that activity. Click to copy the link to your clipboard.

We hope you enjoy this updated and cleaner Case View and as always welcome your feedback!