Sometimes as a rep you might find yourself in a spammy chat and want to not just end the chat but prevent that user from starting another chat with you again.

In FuseDesk you can easily block a user right from your Chat View.

At the bottom of the chat, simply click the Block User button.

If you’ve already created a case, this button will be visible on its own.

If you haven’t created a case yet, Block User will be in action menu at the bottom of the chat where you can create a case, ignore the chat, and so on.

After you click to block a user, you’ll have to confirm that you want to block them.

Once a user has been blocked, the chat will be immediately closed.

The chat history will then show who blocked the chat and when it was blocked.

Platform Support for Blocking Users

Blocking Users is currently supported in Live Chat.

Blocking Users in Live Chat

For Live Chat, the user’s chat widget will go away and they won’t see the chat options anymore in their browser.

Blocking Phone Numbers from Sending you SMS

For SMS, you won’t get notified about the new chat and it’ll be automatically closed.

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