Call Disposition Reporting in FuseDesk

How many of your incoming calls get through to one of your team members? How often do they go to voicemail because no team members are online or available? Now you can find out in your FuseDesk Call Disposition report!

You’ll find your new Call Disposition report under the Call category in Reports.

Incoming calls will be flagged in one of four ways:

  • No Reps Online
  • No Reps Available
  • No Answer
  • Answered

A call flagged as No Reps Online means that none of your team members were logged into FuseDesk at the time of the call.

No Reps Available indicates that team members were logged in and online, but not available for a call. This is typically because your team marked themselves as unavailable, they were on another call, or they were wrapping up from a call.

No Answer means that your team was online and available for a call, but didn’t answer the incoming call.

Answered means that the customer was able to actually connect with your team!

Like most reports in FuseDesk, you can group your data in a number of different ways, for example by month, week, day, etc.

Further, since every inbound call is connected to a specific department, you can filter your calls by department.