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Case Ratings and Feedback in FuseDesk

FuseDesk can automatically follow up with your customers after you close their case and ask them for feedback. Simple head to Departments under Settings and select a department to configure. Head on down to Ratings and Feedback. The Feedback Delay determines how long after a case is closed you’d like us to ask for feedback. By default [...]

How do I send a new SMS/Text from a Case?

,Note: At this time SMS is invite only, but... you can Contact Us and request early access to SMS if you're interested! You can easily send a new outbound SMS/Text message to your customer right from a case in FuseDesk. Click on the SMS tab on the Case Actions, write your message, and click Send! Alternatively, [...]

How can I tell who deleted an email?

When an unassigned email is Ignored or marked as Spam, it'll end up in your Trash. Hovering over an item in your Trash will show you who deleted the email and when it was deleted. Emails that don't have ignored data, for example auto-responders, won't show who ignored them. In addition, emails ignored by an Automation [...]

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Viewing and Printing Invoices in FuseDesk

You can view and print your invoices in FuseDesk right from the Billing page. Navigate to Billing under Settings and click on Invoices. From the invoices page, you'll see a list of your invoices with your most recent invoice up top. If a balance is due on an invoice this will be indicated right below the invoice. Viewing [...]

Editing Automations in FuseDesk

When you click in to edit an Automation in FuseDesk, you are primarily going to be editing the conditions and actions for the automation. You can also easily rename your automation, clone (copy) your automation, and delete the automation. When all of the conditions of your automation are met, all of the actions of your [...]

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Automations in FuseDesk

Automations in FuseDesk allow you to automate everything from case assignments to workflows. Simply create an automation and customize it to your needs and let FuseDesk do the heavy lifting for you! To create a new Automation from the Automations page, click the New Automation button, name your automation, and choose your automation type. From there [...]

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Saved Case Searches

Advanced case searches in FuseDesk can be saved as favorite saved searches and even shared with your team making quickly finding just the right cases easier than ever. After running a search, click the Save button to save this advanced case search as a favorite. A name will automatically be generated for you based on [...]

Favorites in FuseDesk

FuseDesk allows you to quickly and easily find your favorite case tags, email templates, note templates, Infusionsoft tags, Infusionsoft legacy Action Sets, and more right where you need them most without having to search for or scroll to what you need. Favorites in FuseDesk can be set both at the department level as well as [...]