Voicemails in FuseDesk and Infusionsoft

FuseDesk supports many leading voicemail and answering service providers in that when we get an email from your service, we’ll look in your Infusionsoft account for contacts with the phone number the call came from. If we find one contact (and only one), we’ll link the email up automatically. If not, the email will still [...]

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Appointment Automation – Appointment Core

Appointment Automation can be a life saver! Scheduling appoints that fit the schedule of an employee and client can be very time consuming. Emails can be exchanged multiple times before a time can be scheduled and often that appointment slot may be taken. We now work with Appointment core, which you can now integrate appointment core with FuseDesk. [...]

What is the Best Way to Track and Master Customer Feedback?

Using the feedback in FuseDesk will allow you to find out how well your support teams are handling cases in real-time or over time. Let’s configure your feedback settings: In FuseDesk, go to Preferences, then Departments. Ratings and Feedback will be at the bottom Configure feedback settings by department. Feedback Delay - How long after [...]

How do I use the Template Editor?

You can create, modify, and save email templates right in FuseDesk! So, you can manage your templates without leaving FuseDesk.  Information pulls down from Infusionsoft making it a seamless and easy to use.  Moreover, merge fields and automation links can also be built in! To access: Go to Preferences. Templates, then Edit Template. Name it. [...]

What are some Best Practice uses for Email Templates?

Best practice sharing is an important part of capitalizing on better customer care while creating efficient support staff. It is likely that 80% of support questions you receive are repeat or commonly asked questions.  First, generate a list of the top 10-20 frequently asked questions.  Then, create a well written template to address each question. [...]

How do I Customize the Ratings and Feedback System?

Find out how well you are taking care of your customers by asking them directly using the rating and feedback system within FuseDesk. Enable and customize the rating and feedback settings in your department editor in a few simple steps: Go to Preferences, then Departments. Ratings and Feedback will be located toward the bottom of [...]