FuseDesk supports many leading voicemail and answering service providers in that when we get an email from your service, we’ll look in your Infusionsoft account for contacts with the phone number the call came from. If we find one contact (and only one), we’ll link the email up automatically. If not, the email will still come “from” the person who left the voicemail, but remain unlinked.

Don’t worry, if you have multiple contacts with the same phone number, you can still link the email up with one click after viewing the case.

Even better, if your voicemail system transcribes your voicemails for you, you’ll have the full text of the voicemail as part of your case in FuseDesk!

Either way, the email with the voicemail will be stored on the contact’s record in Infusionsoft allowing you to automatically create cases directly from voicemails!

All it takes to set this up is to set your voicemail service to send your voicemails to your support address.

Currently, we support the following systems: