1435589572026Vonage Business (previously Vocalocity PBX) can easily send your voicemails – and even voicemail transcripts – right into Infusionsoft through FuseDesk.

All you need to do is configure Vocalocity PBX to send email notifications to your support address and FuseDesk will handle the rest.

  1. Log into your Vonage Business account and edit your Settings.
  2. Navigate to your extension, and scroll down to Voicemail PIN and Greetings.
  3. Check the box marked Send Voicemail to Email.
  4. Enter your email address that comes into FuseDesk, and choose whether the system should delete voicemails after sending them via email.
  5. Click Save Changes to save your settings

To test your setup, call and leave yourself a voicemail. Your voicemail should then come right into FuseDesk!