Google Voice can easily send your voicemails – and even voicemail transcripts – right into Infusionsoft through FuseDesk.

All you need to do is configure Google Voice to send email notifications to your support address and FuseDesk will handle the rest.

  1. Log into your Google Voice, and click on the gear icon to edit your Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Voicemail & Text section, and scroll to Voicemail Notifications.
  3. Check the box next to Email the message
  4. If your FuseDesk email address is already on your account, you will see it in your drop down of email addresses
  5. If you need to add your FuseDesk email address to your account, click the Add a new email address link and enter [email protected]. Google will then send you an email that’ll come into FuseDesk with a link you need to click to verify your email address.
  6. To enable transcriptions of your voicemails, check the box next to  Voicemail Transcripts to Transcribe my Voicemails.
  7. Click Save Changes to save your settings

To test your setup, call and leave yourself a voicemail. Your voicemail should then come right into FuseDesk!