Kaizen and Continuous Never Ending Improvement

Join us for a short walk down Kaizen Road where we'll explore a recent journey we had in rolling out new case queue stats... One of our core values is Kaizen, the practice of Continual, Never Ending, Improvement. When we train customer support teams and managers, we often talk about the reports that matter most being [...]

Installing FuseDesk’s free WordPress Plugin

FuseDesk works beautifully with your WordPress site and helps your website visitors easily open new support tickets directly into FuseDesk. If you are using a supported Membership Site like iMember360, Wishlist, Memberium, or WisP, we'll even pre-fill in all the members information so they just have to write their question. And... logged in members can view [...]

How do I find my Snoozed Cases?

When you snooze a case, it is no longer visible in your inbox, but you can easily find your snoozed cases using the Advanced Search. Head on over to the Advanced Case Search For Rep, choose yourself For Status, choose "Snoozing" Click Search!

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Bulk Handling Support Tickets

FuseDesk now supports more Bulk Actions than ever before when working with your help desk cases and support tickets. In addition to bulk changing case status, snoozing cases, and reassigning cases, you can now bulk Email Reply, run Infusionsoft Automation, apply Infusionsoft Tags, and bulk apply FuseDesk Case Tags - all right from your case queues! [...]

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Case Study – Hello? Part 2

Last week we took a look at a case study involving Gavin and his attempt to secure new phone service. This week we'll break down the problems of the call and discuss solutions for each of them. The over eager representative Gavin’s first representative was kind and had a strong desire to be helpful. However, [...]

Voicemails in FuseDesk and Infusionsoft

FuseDesk supports many leading voicemail and answering service providers in that when we get an email from your service, we’ll look in your Infusionsoft account for contacts with the phone number the call came from. If we find one contact (and only one), we’ll link the email up automatically. If not, the email will still [...]

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Case Study – Hello? Part 1

Today let’s take a look at a case from real life and see what we can learn from it. Gavin recently tried to switch cell phone providers. He was very excited because the new provider he had chosen offered a better value for his money. However, when he went to activate his new service, he [...]

Your Standard for Satisfaction – Is it Working?

When you and your team are developing guidelines and parameters for solutions to customers’ needs, whose standards are you measuring by? It’s very easy to begin shaping these standards with the intention of keeping the customer happy, but it’s very easy to become distracted by other issues, like cost.  While profitability is what will keep [...]