Can I Communicate with Vendors and Third Parties on Cases?

Many times questions come in from customers that require another question to the vendor or third party.  Good news! You can communicate right from FuseDesk, while keeping all contact coordinated and aligned under one case. First, you will want to create a new template for communication to the vendor: In Infusionsoft (manage email templates) or [...]

How do I change the department that cases are assigned to when I take a case?

When you take a case, it's immediately assigned to you in your default department. You can adjust your default department by click on Preferences and then adjusting your default department there. If at any time you want to take a case to a different department than your default department, simply Assign the case to yourself [...]

How do I Create a New FuseDesk Case from Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder?

Creating a case in FuseDesk is possible from right within Infusionsoft's Campaign Builder so you can automate the creation of cases in FuseDesk from Infusionsoft! To create a new FuseDesk case from within Infusionsoft's Campaign Builder: Setup (or use an existing) FuseDesk API Key In  Campaign Builder in Infusionsoft, go into the Sequence where you [...]

What are Case Tags?

In FuseDesk, individual cases can have Case Tags which allow you to track cases on a given topic. Case Tags in FuseDesk are different from Contact Tags in Infusionsoft as Case Tags are applied to individual cases whereas Infusionsoft Tags are applied to Contacts. Suppose a customer emails you with a glowing testimonial. You might [...]