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Favorites in FuseDesk

FuseDesk allows you to quickly and easily find your favorite case tags, email templates, note templates, Infusionsoft tags, Infusionsoft legacy Action Sets, and more right where you need them most without having to search for or scroll to what you need. Favorites in FuseDesk can be set both at the department level as well as [...]

Leverage Note Templates for New Cases

Leverage the power of Note Templates right in FuseDesk when you're creating a New Case! Simply choose the template you'd like to use from the template selector and we'll instantly load your template and merge in all of the contact merge fields for the contact selected. Common uses of Note Templates for New Cases include [...]

How do I assign a New Case to a New Contact?

Can't find the contact you're working with for a New Case? No problem. You can easily create a New Contact on demand right in FuseDesk from the New Case screen. Next to the contact search bar is an Add Contact button. Simply click this button and create a new contact directly into Infusionsoft. As soon [...]

Automations for Unassigned Emails

When an email comes into your FuseDesk account, if it’s not part of an existing case and it’s not a generic auto-response, you have the option of running the email through Automations that you create to decide how to handle the email. If you’re an Administrator for your account, click on over to Automations under Settings [...]

Creating a New Case

What happens when you need to create a new case from something other than an inbound email? You click New Case on the sidebar to create a new case! When creating a new case, the first field you'll fill in is the name of the Contact, i.e. the customer, caller, or whoever you're creating the [...]