You can easily use FuseDesk Workflows for your Kanban Board in just a few quick steps.

First, let’s head to Case Tags under Settings and create any Case Tags you don’t already have that you might need for each column in your Kanban Board.

Perhaps you’ll want tags like “To Do”, “In Progress”, “In Review”, “Blocked”, and “Done”.

Next, let’s make sure that the cases you want to show up on your Kanban board have some of those tags!

Then, head to Workflows and click the Plus button to create a New Workflow.

Name your Workflow something like “Kanban Board”.

For Column Field choose Case Tags.

For View Filter you’ll likely only want the Status as Active and perhaps some additional filters like by Department or Case Tag.

You can leave Sorting as Last Responded To and Sharing as Everyone.

Under Columns, add your newly created case tags form above and arrange them in the order that you’d like.

Click Save and enjoy seeing your cases now organized in a Kanban board with your newly formed case tags!

Simply click and drag your cases between columns as you move them forward through your workflow!

FuseDesk Workflows - Drag and Drop Cases