Notifying Slack from Infusionsoft Campaign Builder

Leverage the power of Infusionsoft automation and the collaboration of Slack by sending notifications from a Campaign Builder sequence in Infusionsoft to a channel or user in Slack with ease. No need for third party add-ons. No need for paid integrations. No need for a paid Slack account. Just connect the two up instantly using a simple HTTP [...]

Share These Teachable Moments

During training sessions, it's understandable that we often learn from positive customer service stories. They give us something to emulate, to aspire to. When we hear about companies or individuals setting the gold standard of service, we can be inspired in our own interactions with our customers. But stories of customer service disasters are also [...]

Success Stories You Need to Read

As we help each of our companies on their journeys to success, there are a lot of lessons each of us have learned along the way. Some have been easy while others have been more difficult, but their end results are helping to propel our arrivals at our goals. We've asked company owners and customer [...]

Difficult Customer? Do These 5 Things

In life, and especially in customer service, we’re bound to encounter people who are generally difficult to deal with and can’t easily be placated. Having a customer service issue only compounds this fact and can make our job that much harder, but only if we let it. Here are 5 simple ways to handle these [...]

The Math of Customer Service: Where is Your Money Going?

As a business owner, you are constantly managing expenses.  But have you given much thought to your hidden expenses, the ones that don’t send you an invoice every month?  In order to truly maximize your potential, there are two key metrics you need to be aware of. A path paved with gold The first often [...]

Infusionsoft Pro Tip: Quick Date Keys

Ever using Infusionsoft and find yourself in a date field and dreading typing out the whole date, or clicking on the calendar to select a date? Become an Infusionsoft Power User with this cool date picking trick. While in a date field, type the letter T and today’s date will popup. Then you can type [...]

Found a Bug? Got a Great Idea?

Most of the great ideas we have for FuseDesk come from "eating our own dog food" and most importantly our beta testers and customers. We now have a new home for you to log bugs and send in your dream ideas. Submit your bugs and ideas online, see what else is out there, learn what's [...]