Infusionsoft Pro TipEver using Infusionsoft and find yourself in a date field and dreading typing out the whole date, or clicking on the calendar to select a date?

Become an Infusionsoft Power User with this cool date picking trick.

While in a date field, type the letter T and today’s date will popup. Then you can type any number of other quick keys to modify the date, such as = to add a day.

So… to enter tomorrow’s date, type t= in a date field and voila! Tomorrow’s date.

Here’s the full list of quick keys:

t: Set date to today
= : Add one day
+ : Subtract one day
w : Add one week
k : Subtract one week
y : Add one year
e : Subtract one year
m : Add one month
h : Subtract one month
q : Clear the date
f : Go to the first day of the month
l : Go to the last day of the month
z : Go to Monday of the week selected
x : Go to Tuesday of the week selected
c : Go to Wednesday of the week selected
v : Go to Thursday of the week selected
b : Go to Friday of the week selected