Don't Email Customers You Can't Email

Before you spend all that time writing a nice email reply to someone, wouldn't you like to know if they've opted-out or can't receive email from you? Now, each time the To Address changes on a case reply, FuseDesk checks the email address in Infusionsoft to see if it's single or double opted in. If Keep Reading...

Turkey Day Minor Enhancements

Just in time for Thanksgiving, we've made a few minor enhancements to FuseDesk to better enable you to track support tickets with your Infusionsoft customers. Dates are now prettier, relative dates, i.e. "Today, 2:14pm", "Tuesday, 9:37am", etc... Email addresses are now visible on each line displaying the emails When viewing your cases, all new (i.e. Keep Reading...

Case Notes Now Supported

FuseDesk started by allowing you to have a threaded interface for all related emails on a given case for a customer, but it keeps getting better. We're proud to announce that FuseDesk now supports adding notes to a case as well. What might you add case notes for?

Monday, November 8th Upgrades to FuseDesk

This morning you’ll notice a number of recent upgrades to FuseDesk to more easily allow you to handle inbound customer support emails and inquiries. Of note: Templates are now grouped so finding the template you’re looking for is easier than ever. Select the category from the drop down on the left, and then the template Keep Reading...