Just in time for Thanksgiving, we’ve made a few minor enhancements to FuseDesk to better enable you to track support tickets with your Infusionsoft customers.

  1. Dates are now prettier, relative dates, i.e. “Today, 2:14pm”, “Tuesday, 9:37am”, etc…
  2. Email addresses are now visible on each line displaying the emails
  3. When viewing your cases, all new (i.e. updated) cases are shown first up top and in bold, with the oldest most urgent cases up top, followed by open (i.e. you responded, but didn’t want to close it yet) cases.
  4. Case summaries are now shorter and cleaner, but you can still click to expand to the full case summary
  5. Cases now keep track of who was in CC on the original case and keeps them in CC on all replies, regardless of what template you’re using

Thank you to Teri, Allah, and Ashleigh for some of the above suggestions!