Infusionsoft Custom ReportingThis morning, we released a few recent upgrades to FuseDesk that you’ll enjoy.


Reporting is one of the key reasons we started FuseDesk. As business owners, we need insight into our operations to see how efficient we are at resolving customer cases, how case load is being handled by our staff, how much help our customers need from us and more.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve rolled out a richer, interactive reporting platform with more of the stats you’re looking for. Reports now show, for example:

  • Daily Case Resolution Time
  • Daily Case Distribution
  • Daily Case Volume
  • Overall Case Volume by Rep

Template Undo

When you change which template you’re using, sometimes the from name, to name, CC or BCC changes as well. That makes sense, but sometimes you want to keep the people who were on the email thread the same instead of going with the templates default. Now, all 4 addressee fields (from, to, cc and bcc) now have an undo button next to them. Change a template and don’t like the new addresses? Just click undo and it’ll go back without changing anything else!

Keeping Closes Cases Closed

Sometimes after you close out a case, your customer replies back with a “Thanks!, “That worked, you rock!” or “I got it. All set” sort of email. But what happens if they reply back a week later and you need to reclose the case? If you just close it again, that’ll look like you took a week to resolve a case when in reality you likely resolved in the same day. Now, if a case has already been closed, you have the option (either when changing the status or when replying and changing the status) to Keep the Case Closed or Re Close it. Keeping it closed keeps your original close date and resolution time intact. Re Closing a case updates the resolution date to today.

Rule of Thumb: If nothing has changed on the case and it’s still resolved, Keep it Closed. If the case is only now resolved, Re Close it.

That’s it for today. Stay tuned for more updates! In the mean time, got a report you’d like to see? Let us know!