Setting Your Timezone in FuseDesk

Now that we have customers using FuseDesk from all around the world, the need to support Timezones in FuseDesk has become more important than ever. You can now edit your timezone setting by going into your preferences and choosing which timezone you’re located in. This setting is on a per rep basis and is not [...]

Linking Emails to Infusionsoft Contacts

FuseDesk now gives you a few options on how to handle linking emails to contacts in Infusionsoft. Your options are now: Link the email to the first contact with the matching email address - this is what we recommend and what has been the default all along Link the email to a contact in Infusionsoft [...]

Upgraded Department Settings

Over the weekend we released an upgrade to how you configure your departments in FuseDesk. Instead of having one department be a “catch all” for all reps, current and future, you can now specify a default department for new reps and then just put the reps you want in the departments you want. For example, [...]

Bulk Reply to Customer Support Cases

We’ve just released an update hot on the tails of being able bulk reply to unassigned emails. You can now bulk reply to existing support cases that are already open and assigned. Now, if you have a handful of open emails on the same topic sitting open in your inbox, you can with a few [...]

April 25 Upgrades to FuseDesk

Today, we released a number of minor, but great new features, most because of YOUR requests! Of note: When searching for customers to assign a case to, in addition to just linking the case, you can now view more information on each suggested contact right in Infusionsoft to make sure you're linking to the right [...]

April 5th FuseDesk Updates

Today we launched some major changes internally as well as a few minor bug fixes. We saved the best for last, but make sure to check out all the updates below before skipping ahead! Sent vs. Received Emails in Infusionsoft: Received emails now show up as received (not sent) in Infusionsoft when viewing a contact’s [...]

Known Infusionsoft Bug in Reply Email Templates

Last Updated April 13, 11:20am PST. Bug Fixed by Infusionsoft. Ever since the latest release that we were upgraded to on Tuesday, we’ve been seeing a strange bug in what we thought was our FuseDesk App. Ends up that it’s a really fun bug in the latest release of Infusionsoft. We’ve opened a tier 2 [...]

Departments Are On Their Way!

You asked for it and we listened. We're rolling out Departments shortly which will allow you to have different queues for departments like Sales, Support, Billing, and more. You'll get to name the departments whatever you like, assign reps to each department and assign cases just as easily as you did before, but with the [...]

February Updates

This month we rolled out a number of minor features, bug fixes and changes. Of note: When viewing a larger number of cases on the screen, you can now navigate through multiple pages instead of seeing all the results in one long list. We improved the help screens for new accounts so new applications show [...]