Bulk Reply to Customer Support CasesWe’ve just released an update hot on the tails of being able bulk reply to unassigned emails. You can now bulk reply to existing support cases that are already open and assigned.

Now, if you have a handful of open emails on the same topic sitting open in your inbox, you can with a few quick clicks respond to them all.

When might you use this?

Let’s say you run a webinar and get a bunch of emails from folks saying it wasn’t working and asking if there will be a replay.

Or perhaps you had an issue on your site and have a growing number of new cases from folks who can’t login to their accounts due to a technical error.

What if you had a marketing campaign where the first 15 people to email back won a prize and the rest did not and you wanted to respond to each of the two groups with a different template.

The possibility are endless, but the solution is the same:

  1. Make sure you have the template that you want to use already setup in Infusionsoft.
  2. Check the box next to the cases to which you want to bulk reply
  3. Click the Bulk Reply... button
  4. Select your template
  5. Select a new status (close the case, keep it open or keep it as new)
  6. Click the Bulk Reply button!

Enjoy and thanks again to Kristen for fast-tracking this!