Infusionsoft BugLast Updated April 13, 11:20am PST. Bug Fixed by Infusionsoft.

Ever since the latest release that we were upgraded to on Tuesday, we’ve been seeing a strange bug in what we thought was our FuseDesk App. Ends up that it’s a really fun bug in the latest release of Infusionsoft. We’ve opened a tier 2 support ticket and this is being escalated and worked on as we speak.

The error you’ll likely see is that when you go to reply to someone, a different person’s email address will appear in the to line of the email than the person you intended to email. If you don’t catch this, you can end up emailing or replying to someone completely unrelated to the email case you’re working on.

This bug only affects the default email template you use for single emails. This is often TemplateID 145 and is called “Default Template (For Single E-mail)”.

To reproduce this:

  1. Make sure your default single email template is set under Setup | Misc Settings | Template Settings | Email | Email | Default template for single email.
  2. Edit this template to make sure that the To line says “The person’s primary email address”
  3. If it does not, get rid of what’s in the to line and replace it with “~Contact.Email~” and save the template. (This way emails go to the intended contact)
  4. Open up any contact and click on the Send Email button under Tasks. You can close the email, send the email, or whatever. It doesn’t matter. All that has to happen is for Infusionsoft to load the default template.
  5. Go back to your templates, open up your default single email template and voila: the contact’s email is now hard coded into the email template and anyone else you try and email using that template will have the wrong email address hard coded into the to line.

To temporarily fix this, disable your single email template in your template settings. This will prevent you from having a default email template in Infusionsoft, but also prevents it from loading and therefor corrupting itself. When sending single emails, though, make sure you load the template you want in Infusionsoft, as it now defaults to a built-in system default template.

To disable your default single email template:

  1. Go to Setup | Misc Settings | Template Settings | Email | Email | Default template for single email.
  2. Scroll to the top and choose the first option “Please select a default template for single email:”
  3. Click Save

Again, this bug has been escalated internally at Infusionsoft and I’ll post updates here as they come in.

Special thanks to Teri Rioles at Government Deal Funding for bringing this bug to my attention and helping me to debug it and to Mike Fleming in Infusionsoft Support for helping me to track down this oddity, filing the bug and staying on top of it.

March 30, 2011 12:00pm PST from Infusionsoft: This is an automated email to let you know that we have identified and confirmed “default email template “To:” field error” as a problem by our advanced troubleshooting team. Please stand by for an ETA.

March 30, 2011 2:45pm PST from Jonathan Gourley at Infusionsoft: A bug fix has been developed, and has been moved into QA for testing. Unless further issues arise, that fix should go out with our next maintenance release Tuesday night.

April 6, 2011 10:05am PST: Just tested and this has not yet been resolved. Bug is still present in the Infusionsoft application. Pinged support for an update.

April 13, 2011 11:20am PST: This issue has been resolved in the latest Infusionsoft weekly patch and we have independently confirmed that it is indeed fixed. Thanks!