When you’re creating an Infusionsoft email template to use in FuseDesk, you can add in merg fields for the current rep, so the email can come from a rep, be signed by a rep and more.

Currently, we support each rep’s name and signature. Specifically, ~LoggedInUser.FirstName~, ~LoggedInUser.LastName~, and ~LoggedInUser.Signature~.

Where might you use these fields?

Set the From Name of an email reply template to come from a rep by name, and leave the From Email address your support address. This way, when a customer sees an email reply from you, it’ll be from a real human, and when they reply, it’ll come right back into your FuseDesk app.

You’ll also likely want to put this in your email signature line, so when a rep replies to an email, FuseDesk can auto-fill in their name.

Lastly, you can include language in a template like “Just call us at 555-1212 and ask for ~LoggedInUser.FirstName~!”

The possibilities for personalization are just endless…