When you’re using the fusedesk_newcase shortcode on your WordPress site, you can optionally enable file uploads.

To do so, in your short code, set the attribute fileupload="yes"

Files will be uploaded and stored on your WordPress install and a link to the files will be included in the FuseDesk case.

You should likely not enable this on public facing forms and you should be mindful of asking for any sensitive data.

To customize the label for the file upload, set the filetext attribute. The default is “Attach a File”

To require a file upload, set the attribute filerequired="yes"

By default, multiple files can be uploaded. To disallow this, Set the attribute filesmultiple="0"

By default we allow images, audio, and PDFs ("image/*,audio/*,application/pdf") to be uploaded, but you can customize what kinds of file can be uploaded. To do so, set the filetypesallowed attribute to a comma separated list of what file types you want to allow. These can be file extensions (like *.pdf,*.doc,*.csv), partial MIME types (like image/*,audio/*), and more.

If you’d like to include additional file upload inputs, you can do so in the content portion of the fusedesk_newcase shortcode just like with any other HTML inputs.

See our fusedesk_newcase documentation for more information on this powerful shortcode for creating new FuseDesk cases from WordPress!