We have several alerts and types of notifications you can customize within FuseDesk making it easier than ever to stay on top of cases and chats ensuring your support team is doing the same!

  1. Go to Preferences (the pencil icon by your name in the top left) and then Notifications will be located toward the bottom of that page.
  2. From here you can customize the kinds of alerts you want to receive and the way you want to be notified.
  3. Click Update Preferences and Allow on the prompt if needed

Notification Categories

Currently, you can be notified of the following events in FuseDesk

  • New Unassigned is when an email comes into your Unassigned email queue
  • Case Assignment is when a case is assigned to you
  • Case Reply is when a customer replies to one of your cases
  • Tagged on Case is when a colleague tags you in a note on a case
  • Chat Notifications is for when a new chat – or chat reply – comes in
  • Morning Update is a once a day email about your cases

Notification Methods

There are 3 main ways you can be notified:

  • In App is an in app notification that displays briefly in your browser
  • Desktop is a pop up box notification on your desktop that shows up even if you aren’t looking at FuseDesk
  • Email is an email notification

Mobile Notifications

Looking to update your mobile notification preferences for the FuseDesk Mobile app?

See How Do I Enable Mobile Push Notifications!