Ready to receive phone calls from your prospects and customers right in FuseDesk? With inbound phone call handling for FuseDesk, you can not just make outbound phone calls from FuseDesk, but also receive them right in your FuseDesk app!

To get started, you’ll want to connect Twilio under Chat Settings in FuseDesk.

Once you’ve added Twilio, simply scroll down to the number that you’d like to route back into FuseDesk and click the Route to FuseDesk button for voice calls.

This will then allow you to set your inbound call voice profile and voice prompts.

If you enable voice dialing for multiple phone numbers, you can further configure each phone number’s voice profile and voice prompts, for example to use a French for France voice profile and prompts for your French phone number, a Spanish for Spain voice profile and prompts for your Spanish phone number, and so on.

Optionally assign the number to a specific department.

You can further assign certain reps to each phone number. For example, to set up a Direct Dial number for a number to go directly to a specific rep, just choose that rep. Or, to route a call to just a certain subset of reps in a department, pick just those reps for the number.

Voice Prompts and Inbound Phone Call Handling

When a call comes into one of your phone numbers that routes to FuseDesk, we’ll greet your caller with your Inbound Greeting voice prompt.

FuseDesk will then check if any of your team members are online and available to receive the call.

If so, we’ll notify the caller that we’re Connecting them.

Your team members in the assigned department will then be notified in app of the incoming call as well as who the caller is with one click access to the callers past cases and chats.

Reps can then choose to Accept or Reject the incoming call.

If nobody is available to receive the incoming call, your caller will hear a Voicemail Prompt and can leave you a message.

The voicemail audio will then be attached to a new case in your assigned department and a transcription will attach to the case shortly after.

Rep Call States and Call Availability

Reps can be in one of 4 call states, just like for outbound dialing:

Offline: Offline reps aren’t logged in and are not available for phone calls. They appear grey in the side bar.

Online: Online reps are logged in and available for phone calls. They appear with a green phone icon in the side bar.

On Call: On Call reps are online but currently on a phone call and not available for another call. They appear with a red phone icon in the side bar.

Post Call: Post Call reps are online but wrapping up from a phone call, i.e. finishing their call notes. They are not available for another call and appear with a blue phone icon in the sidebar.

Adding and Removing Phone Numbers

You can easily add and remove phone numbers from your Twilio account right inside of FuseDesk.

To add a new phone number, click the Add Number button and search for a number to add. Twilio will bill you directly for any numbers you add.

To remove a phone number, click the Delete button next to the number you wish to remove. This will remove it from your Twilio account and release the phone number.

You can of course always add and remove phone numbers directly in your Twilio console. Then, simply click the Refresh button next to your Auth Token back in your Twilio settings in FuseDesk and you’ll immediately see any changes you’ve made to your numbers in Twilio.