Infusionsoft Company Records and Help DeskFuseDesk now supports Infusionsoft Company records!

This means that when a case is assigned to a contact, if that contact is part of a company, the case is now linked to that company in FuseDesk, too.

In addition, when viewing a case, the contact summary now:

  1. Links directly to the contact in Infusionsoft
  2. Displays the name of the contact’s company, if set
  3. Links directly to the company in Infusionsoft if a company record exists
  4. Links to other cases that the contact has in FuseDesk
  5. Links to other cases that the company has in FuseDesk

To make the most of this additional functionality, and if your customers are more businesses than consumers, make sure to create company records for your contacts in Infusionsoft and then assign people to the company.

If your customers are individual business owners and you only deal with one contact, you don’t need to use this.

If, however, your customers are businesses and those businesses have multiple contacts, i.e. the business owner, admin, billing contact, sales rep, etc…, then using companies in Infusionsoft is pretty powerful.

For more information from Infusionsoft, read about Company Records in Infusionsoft.