Over the past few weeks we’ve been quietly rolling out a number of cool updates.

These updates include:

  1. FuseDesk Mid-June 2012 UpdatesIf you create a case from an email and it shouldn’t have been a case, you now have the ability to mark a case as Not a Case and effectively “unopen” it from the case status selector at the top of  the case view. Adding in this functionality is paving the way for a few really powerful updates in the works. Stay tuned!
  2. Case status in the case viewer up top now says what each status is so new users will instantly know the difference between New Cases (needing your attention), Open Cases (needing the customers attention) and Closed Cases (resolved).
  3. When re-assigning a case or changing a case status from the case viewer, a message comes up letting you know what’s happening while the page loads. Previously, the only indication that anything was happening was that your browser showed you it was loading a page.
  4. After re-assigning a case or changing a case status from the case viewer, your actions will be confirmed and you’ll be provided a link back to view the case you just changed. Previously, you were just brought back to your inbox with no confirmation of the change.
  5. When replying to a case or adding a note, the Reply and Add Note buttons disable  preventing you from double clicking or replying multiple times to a case by accident.
  6. Voicemails are now parsed from more providers! In addition to Google Voice, and VelocityPBX, we now support voicemails from RingCentral, Packet8 (8×8) and OracleCMS. When a voice message is receiving via email in FuseDesk, instead of linking the email to the sender, we look up the contact based on the phone number they called from saving you the step of manually looking the contact up and linking the case.
  7. New icons have been added to the sidebar for most all items
  8. You can now view all the reps in FuseDesk, see which reps are active and when they last logged in, which reps have been disabled, and which Infusionsoft users have never logged into FuseDesk before.
  9. After clicking on Preferences on the left hand side bar, there are now links to access preferences, app options, department settings and reps
  10. Admin permission checking is now supported, so when viewing app options, department settings, or reps, you’ll need to be an Infusionsoft Admin
  11. Uploading of multiple attachments separately is now supported. Previously, you could upload multiple attachments at the same time, or individually after refreshing the case. This has been fixed so that multiple file uploads can happen separately when sending a case.
  12. The title of the window in your browser now shows how many new cases are assigned to you and how many unassigned cases need assignment. This number changes on the fly so even while you’re on a different website, at a glance in your browser, you can see how many cases need attention.
  13. When viewing emails in the case history, we now show what address the email was sent to and if there was anyone in CC. This way you see what address was mailed and who else was in copy on each email.

This is quite a roll up of recently released updates and there are even more in the works!