Wondering what kind of templates you should create?

For starers, go into Infusionsoft and edit your default reply template. Once that’s setup correctly, simply click the Clone button at the bottom to create a fresh copy that you can edit as a new template!

With a fresh template ready to go, try out some of these ideas:

  • A “lost password” templates for folks who forget their login information (assuming you’re using the username/password fields in Infusionsoft)
  • A “return requested” email for customers who are looking to return. Add in language to save the sale, insert an Automation/Tracking Link to bring them to an online return request form, and/or ask whatever questions you need answered before you approve a return.
  • A “webinar replay” email for prospects who email in having missed a webinar and want to view and on-demand or live replay.
  • A few “training module” videos for customers who email in looking for a walk-through on how to do something with your product. Put a video or help guide online and create a template that directs them to that page. Or… just put the answer to the question right into the template, if it will fit.
  • FAQ emails for your most frequently asked questions.
  • A cancellation confirmation email for someone who emails in looking to cancel a subscription
  • A “buy now” email for prospects who email in looking to purchase your program today. Use an advanced Automation/Tracking Link to send them to an online order form and pre-fill in their information saving them time and making the sale easier.
  • A questionnaire style response to help “on board” a new customer or setup a training call. What questions do you always ask that you could put in a template?

What are some of your favorite ninja templates? Please share below!