Ready to connect Facebook Messenger to your FuseDesk App?

FuseDesk’s native Facebook Messenger integration allows your customers and prospects to message your Facebook Pages and get the support they deserve right from your team in FuseDesk.

When a new message comes in to a connected Facebook Page, a Chat will be created in FuseDesk.

Your team can then reply directly from FuseDesk, link the chat to one of your contacts, create a FuseDesk case, run CRM Automation, follow up off Messenger, and more!

Connect Facebook Messenger to FuseDesk by clicking Create New for Facebook in Chat Settings

To get started, head to Chat Settings under Settings and click on Create New under Facebook.

Facebook will ask you to login, give FuseDesk permission to connect to your Pages, and then ask you to select which Facebook Pages you’d like to connect to FuseDesk.

After you’ve confirmed everything with Facebook, you’ll be brought back to FuseDesk where you can connect each of your Pages to a FuseDesk Department. This allows you to route new Facebook Messages to your Pages to the right Department in FuseDesk.

To test everything out, send yourself a message from Facebook! A new FuseDesk Chat will be created and you and your team can respond directly to your prospects and customers from FuseDesk.

FuseDesk Chat shows you additional information about who you're chatting with on Facebook

On the side of your Facebook Messenger Chat in FuseDesk, you’ll see some additional information about the Facebook User, specifically their name, profile photo, language preference, and local time.

You can send and receive media (like images, GIFs, etc) with Facebook Messenger in FuseDesk and you can even see the delivery status of your outgoing messages back to Facebook!

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