One great way to reduce refunds, returns, and chargebacks – and delight your customers – is to have your team reach out and call your new customers after they buy from you.

Not only does a welcome call delight your customer, but it can solve many of the biggest challenges with onboarding a new customer.

For example, if you have a membership site, and your welcome email with their login information ended up in their spam folder, your customer will have bought something and then never heard from you again. This makes you look bad as it can feel like a scam to the customer when really their welcome email and login details are waiting for them and they just don’t know it!

Even worse, if your customer enters their email address incorrectly on the order form, they’ll never get an email from you. Calling to welcome them and make sure they got your email is a great way to get that issue fixed right away.

Lastly, when you call your new customers, they know that you’re there for them and that you support them. Even better, they now have a friendly voice to put with your company and a number to call back if they have any more questions.

So how do you setup a welcome case in FuseDesk?

In this Automation, we’re going to create a FuseDesk case for your team to call new customers.

Setting Up Your Welcome Call Campaign in Infusionsoft

Our objective with this Infusionsoft Campaign is to have your team personally call customers and welcome them.

Our campaign will start with a Goal for when a customer purchases your product. You likely already have this goal setup for when you send your welcome email.

To create a FuseDesk Case from Infusionsoft, you’re going to use an HTTP POST in Campaign Builder.

We’re going to set the case title to the same subject of your welcome email, i.e. “Welcome and Login Details”. This way, if a customer replies to your welcome email before you’ve had a chance to call them, you’ll see their reply right on the case before you reply!

For the case summary, you’ll set something like:

~Contact.FirstName~ just purchased a Membership. Please call at ~Contact.Phone1~ to welcome ~Contact.FirstName~, make sure they got their login information, and assure that they can login. Answer any questions that come up, and point them to the Getting Started video in the membership site. Wrap up with our phone number if they need to reach us.

This way when your team sees the case in FuseDesk they’ll have all of the information they need to call.

Lastly, it’s always a good idea to organize your cases with case tags.

For these cases, let’s give them all a Welcome Call tag by setting casetags to Welcome Call.

Welcome Call Reporting

Since these cases are all properly tagged, titled, and organized, you can easily find your Welcome Call cases with saved case searches in FuseDesk!