Adding FuseDesk’s Live Chat for Keap and Infusionsoft to your Shopify Site can be done easily right in your theme.

Configuring Your Live Chat

The first step is getting your Live Chat setup.

  1. Login to your FuseDesk App and click Chat Settings under Settings
  2. Click the green Live Chat + button
  3. Configure your chat widget and settings
  4. Copy the embed code located at the top of the chat settings. This is the code that you will use on Shopify.

Adding Live Chat to your Shopify Theme

Adding FuseDesk Live Chat to your Shopify theme allows for chat to show up on all pages of your site.

  1. From your Shopify admin, in the left menu under the Sales Channels section, go to Online Store > Themes
  2. In the “Current theme” section, navigate to the Actions drop-down menu and select Edit code
  3. In the file tree, under the Layout folder click on theme.liquid
  4. Paste in your FuseDesk Live Chat embed code from your Live Chat above before on a new blank line before the closing </head> tag.
  5. Click Save

To learn more on how to edit your Shopify theme, see:

Note that instead of using our chat embed code, you can also use Google Tag Manager to embed your live chat in your Shopify site. This makes it easier to centrally manage your other embed codes all in one place without needing to touch your Shopify theme again!