FuseDesk Chat (including Live Chat, SMS Text Chat, and more!) can provide you and your team with the insights you need to know to best assist your customers.

These helpful bits of information are presented to you on the right hand side of your chat.

FuseDesk Chat InfoWhen FuseDesk knows who is messaging you (for example based on past chats or the number they’re texting you from) we’ll automatically link the chat up to the matching Keap or Infusionsoft Contact and provide you key contact info as well a one-click access to the Contact in Keap/Infusionsoft.

If we weren’t able to automatically link the chat to a contact record, you can easily search for the matching contact or add the contact right from the Chat!

For Live Chats, we’ll share details like what IP address the chat is coming from, where that maps to in the world, what languages are preferred, and what operating system and browser your customer is using.

For SMS Text Chats, we’ll show you what numbers you are texting to and from. If this chat was starting by a new inbound text message, we’ll even show you where in the world the number is from!

Once a chat is linked up to a case, you’ll have one click access into the case, and… you can even apply FuseDesk Case Tags right from the chat to kick off powerful FuseDesk Automation!

Lastly, if your customer has other active chats with you and your team, you’ll see a list of those as well!