Ready to start delighting your customers with SMS text messaging support? FuseDesk for Keap and Infusionsoft can help you do just that.

When your customers text you at one of your configured numbers, we’ll start a new chat thread for your team and automatically assign the text conversation to the right department.

Even better, when we recognize the number from a Keap Contact, we’ll link the text to the right contact automagically!

To setup SMS Text Messaging in FuseDesk:

  1. Login to FuseDesk and click on Chat Settings under Settings.
  2. Click Create New on SMS
  3. Search for a number that you’d like your customers to use when they text you and click Purchase
  4. Select which department you’d like new chats to automatically be assigned to
  5. Select which other departments you’d like to have access to this number
  6. Click Save

Now, when a prospect or customer texts you on your number, a new chat will be opened and your team will be alerted to the new chat. Simply text on back to reply to your customer directly!

Customers can even text you media like pictures and videos which you’ll see directly in the FuseDesk Chat thread!

SMS Texting Availability

Currently, SMS is available by invitation only to select FuseDesk Partners and Beta Tester. Want to get early access? Let us know!

When FuseDesk SMS Text Messaging is Generally Available (GA), it’ll be available on PRO and Enterprise Plans.