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How Heidi Does Service

In customer service stories, we often hear about exceptional circumstances that compel a representative to provide service far out of the norm.  But, like we've frequently discussed, quality service has to be consistently pursued day in and day out.  Heidi, who works for the grocer Trader Joe's, shared her approach to ensuring a constant delivery [...]

Service Stories That Will Make You Smile

A lot of stories about great customer service focus on grand gestures, but it is the sustained, day to day delivery of good deeds that make a company's service reputation excellent.  We asked people this week to share an excellent experience they have had or heard about and these are the simple but lovely responses [...]

When Working For a Company Means Working For the Customer

There are very few positions in business that are as counter intuitively aligned as customer service.  We may be employed by the company, but our primary focus must be on taking care of the customer.  We are akin to serving as ombudsmen and our duty is to protect the interests of our customers so that [...]

How to Surprise Your Customers

Photo by Daderot Where do you expect to find great customer service?  A high end hotel?  Definitely.  A fancy restaurant?  Of course.  A big department store?  Absolutely.  What about the grocery store?  The grocery store?  Beyond a smile at checkout, where are the opportunities for service there?  Actually, they're everywhere when employees are [...]

A Culture of Caring

In all of our businesses, we are committed to cultivating a culture of caring for our customers.  But where does that culture come from?  How do we get to the point where actively caring is so natural that it seems the obvious answer to throw in a pair of cozy socks when a customer orders [...]

Amazon Does it Again

Great service in one-off situations is wonderful... for the customer who happens upon it.  But it’s not enough to move the needle on general customer feelings about a company or to establish service as being part of brand identity.  Rather, it’s imperative that a company deliver the unexpected time after time after time to a [...]

Paying it Forward, Internally

While we strive every day to create exceptional customer service moments for our customers, it’s equally important to extend those same efforts internally as well. Each member of our service team, and of our company at-large, benefits from the same care and consideration we so carefully hone for our cases. Photo credit: asenat29 [...]

Mixing Corporate Culture With Service

When we think of industries that have phenomenal customer service, airlines may not be what immediately comes to mind.  However, JetBlue has made it their mission to ensure their customers have not only an excellent travel experience, but an excellent time interacting with their various customer service teams.  They do so by carrying their commitment [...]

Maintain a Positive Outlook Like This

Customer service can grind us down as we go through case after case.  However, we do not have the luxury of allowing ourselves to be any less fresh or positive for one customer than another.  But what can we actively do to ensure that we can brush off the tough cases and maintain our positive [...]

If the Customer is Always Right, Do This

The age old adage of "the customer is always right" is thrown around a lot in conversations about how to provide great service, but what does it mean in reality?  What are concrete ways to show a customer that she's always right? Tiffany recently switched telecommunications providers.  She made the move from a big, national [...]