Customer service can grind us down as we go through case after case.  However, we do not have the luxury of allowing ourselves to be any less fresh or positive for one customer than another.  But what can we actively do to ensure that we can brush off the tough cases and maintain our positive attitude for the benefit of every customer?

Keep Sight of the Goal

When in the midst of a trying case, it is of the utmost importance that we maintain a laser focus on our field-328962_1920goal of providing excellent customer experience.  Focusing on who we want to be as customer service agents and what type of service we aim to provide, overall, will help to move us beyond the immediate discomfort of a case in front of us.  It also helps us to work around the unhappiness or challenging personality of the customer at hand in order to provide them the same quality of service our easier or happier customers enjoy.  Service is a long game.

Be the Positivity

Our customers are contacting us in order to feel better.  Whether it’s less confused, less angry, etc, they are hoping that their time spent with us will make them feel more whole.  We cannot meet their expectations if we ourselves do not come in every day without our minds solidly set on being positive.  We cannot be reactive personalities; feeling positive or negative based on external forces like the tenor of our cases.  Rather, we must decide to be positive and then make positive things happen for those around us.  Acknowledging the power of our positions and using it to bring happiness to others is a unique gift those of us in service have.  Let’s utilize it!

Remind Yourself

Take an assessment of the cases that have thrown you for a loop.  What happens that makes us lose our grip on positivity?  What changes in how we handle cases when these triggers occur?  Develop a roadmap of where things go off course and what reactions we want to provide to our customers.  Then, create a gameplan of ways to remind yourself to stay on track.  Perhaps the easiest way is to make a list of some generally common issues that crop up with positive statements to help us regain focus.  For instance, if a customer has a rude demeanor, a quote like, “Elegance and kindness is an elegant and kind reply to the rudeness of this world!” –Mehmet Murat Ildan, can be exactly what you need to stay on track.

Being a point of positivity in our customers’ days is not only beneficial to our customers and our companies, but also to our own selves.  When we elevate our interactions with one another, we will have an easier time meeting our commitment to taking care of every single one of our customers.